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2017-2018 Campus Health & Wellness Policy
We are proud to be part of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation initiative to help our students and staff lead healthier lives. Our commitments to providing nutrition education and regular physical activity, as well as access to nutritious foods for all students, are described here.
Physical Activity and Physical Education
1. Our elementary provides 20 minutes of daily recess for ALL grade levels. Recess will not be withheld as punishment. Alternative recess activities will be used during inclement weather.

2. Physical activity during the school day (including but not limited to recess, physical activity breaks or physical education) will not be withheld or used as punishment for any reason;
3. The district will provide teachers and other school staff with strategies for alternative ways to discipline students.
Teachers will provide students with daily physical activity breaks in the classroom, outside of PE and recess.

Food Items on Campus
1. All foods and beverages served and offered before school, during the school day and the extended school day, MUST meet or exceed the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. This includes all birthday and holiday celebrations. 
2. All foods and beverages sold before school, during the school day and the extended school day MUST meet or exceed the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. In addition, all foods sold to students during the school day must be procured through the district food service provider with the exception of plain uncarbonated water and whole produce.
3. Foods and beverages will not be used as a reward, or withheld as punishment for any reason, such as for performance or behavior. This includes, but not limited to, coupons and gift cards to restaurants or for food items. Teachers will be provided ideas for non-food rewards.
School-wide and Classroom Celebrations/Parties
The Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards will apply to birthday celebrations, school wide celebrations, and all other school events, with the exception of 2 school celebrations days: February 14th, 2018 and May 25th.
• NOTE: The Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards does not apply to snacks or lunches brought by parents/guardians for their own children.

• Any questions regarding Smart Snacks eligible items can be directed to the Child Nutrition Department, or visit the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Smart Snacks Food Planner.
School Based Activities
1. A variety of before and/or after school activities will be available to students of ALL grade levels, such as running club, dance team, etc.

2. Wellness for students and their families will be promoted at suitable school activities through health fairs, competitive leagues, family fun activities, walking/running clubs, zumba, yoga, aerobics, swimming, etc.

3. We encourage parent and community participation on our School Wellness Committee. The committee meets a minimum of four times per year and is responsible for overseeing campus wellness activities and making wellness policy recommendations. Contact the PE Teacher for more information.